Vusion tag
Sleek and modern, the VUSION electronic shelf label fits every environment seamlessly. Thinner than any tag before, it adds a modern touch to every retailer’s store. In a variety of colors, VUSION remains elegant while fitting the retailer’s corporate design.

Beautiful fixtures for every situation

Standing on its own, attached to a shelf or on exclusive rails, which provide the best fit for the labels, VUSION comes with a variety of clips and stands to choose from. Each option marries well with the elegant designed electronic shelf labels, and provides a level of security and flexibility that was never seen before.

The world’s most modular digital price tags

Adapt the front and back casing color to fit your corporate design perfectly. Choose the unique display colors based on the information you wish to display. Also, choose between bright white or multicolored flashing LED lights as an additional option to help draw attention at the shelf! Secure your labels with our patent Easylock solution. It’s up to you – your VUSION tag can be customized exactly as you wish it to be.

Dual radio frequency available

Choose the frequency that best fits your needs. You have the choice between different radio frequencies, 2.4 GHz and SubGig, which offer different functionalities for your VUSION ESLs – based on your needs, the frequencies available allow options of changes to the displays of these tags and the store layout too!

Anti-theft System

Our patented Easylock Anti-theft system secures the digital price tags with ease and reliability to your shelves. VUSION labels with the Easylock Anti-theft system are super easy to lock and unlock. Your staff will be able to manage these without any hassle to guarantee your digital tags to remain in a locked position!

Reliable in every situation

Damp, wet, dusty, hot or cold – our VUSION electronic shelf labels work in every environment. Based on the appropriate choice of labels, you can cover your fresh produce sections, or mount them to areas exposed to heat and sun exposure, and even in the freezer!

And way more features:

And way more features:

  • Ultra low Battery Power
  • Dustproof
  • Extremely Thin
  • Multicolor instant flash capabilities
  • All Terrain
    -25 °C | -13 °F
  • All Terrain
    +40 °C | +104 °F
  • Security
  • Retail IoT Cloud
  • V:connect NFC
  • Open Platform

Spec Sheets

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the pdf of the spec sheet.