MultiCom infrastructure
SES-imagotag is the only company in the market offering a multi-frequency radio communications platform (ESLs HF & LF, Wi-Fi, BLE and NFC) able to manage all display technologies (LCD, TFT, e-paper). Flexibility that allows the SES-imagotag solution to offer the best of digital and physical retailing to its customers.

Access Point AP-2010

The AP-2010 is the communication center in the store that transmits price information to the labels.

Up to 10 000 labels can be managed per access point and the self-organizing network allows automatic label roaming without manual handling.

The high transmission rate of the 2.4 GHz wireless technology and intelligent task scheduling enables fast and secure updates to G1 labels of all sizes.

Key Features:
  • Manages up to 10 000 G1 retail labels of all sizes
  • Covers up to 1 900 m² depending on shop layout
  • Low power consumption – powered by PoE or by low power wall plug
  • Easy configuration and monitoring
  • Optimized task scheduling and self-managed label roaming

Download datasheet for Access Point AP-2010
Download datasheet for Access Point AP-2010 USA Canada

Core Appliance

The core appliance and core appliance mini are compact network hardware devices replacing any additional dedicated server in the store.

This solution supports single stores as well as multiple stores. A centralized or cloud-based middleware can be linked directly to the service on the appliance.

Key Features:
  • Easy and fast plug & play installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Solution in a box – no additional server needed
  • Up to 30 000 labels and 7 access points supported by the core appliance mini

Download datasheet for Core appliance


  • Radio communications platform
  • Price information transmitter
  • WLAN coverage
  • Multifrequency support
  • ESL server in-store

Download Configuration Guide


  • Industry leading wireless solution
  • Self-organizing network topology
  • Low cost infrastructure
  • Secure communication
  • Simple integration into retailer’s existing IT infrastructure
  • Lightweight system requirements
  • Fast rollouts and low maintenance