Jeegy software
The nerve center of the electronic labeling solution, Jeegy S is an intuitive, scalable, modular software platform designed to address the challenges facing retailers today.

Pricing & Analytics. Accuracy, agility, intelligence

Pricing & Analytics is the core function of Jeegy S. This module manages your pricing dynamically and automatically, providing flexibility and accurate prices.

The automated price management that our labels and Jeegy S provide, gives you a competitive edge, but also guarantees accurate prices throughout your store. Available in one click, Pricing offers a simple and live view of the products and labels in the store. Each item has a detailed history and statistics, to help you keep track of your pricing policy.

Dashboards with reports (ESLs count, generations, product statistics…) are available for a quick overview.

Store Management. Operating excellence

On-demand display of Management Data.This module is a must-have for any store wishing to use management data and seeking operating excellence.

Adopt data-driven store management with Jeegy S Store Management.

With the data directly displayed on the shelf on our labels, you can monitor information such as product availability or incoming orders. An easy way to manage your facings and inventories, but also to have precise information about the next deliveries, the last order date, the gross margin associated with the product or the sales rotation.

Promotion. Sales booster

Promote items and special offers dynamically. This module enables you to manage animated data sequences or color on our labels and can be adapted to any sales scenario.

Jeegy S Promotion allows for easy and immediate use of the merchandising and advertising possibilities offered by SES-imagotag’s labels.

Activate the animation function on fully graphical G-Tag 6 labels, use our e-Paper models in red and much more. Endless possibilities are available to display shopper- dedicated messages, increase loyalty and boost your sales.

Geolocation. Building the store virtual twin

Geolocation gives you a real-time view of your planogram in Jeegy S. This module enables you to locate each product found in-store and to follow instantaneously each shelf- edge change.

Thanks to SES-imagotag’s interactive labels, which form a highly dense network of intelligent sensors, supermarkets can offer a drive service to ll baskets more quickly and optimize the picking rate on the sales oor. Jeegy S Geolocation ensures merchandising excellence at every level, as you can get an instant view of the products in your store. The same principle applies to another application, this time dedicated to consumers that can access a geolocation- based shopping list via a smartphone app which locates products and then suggests an optimized route through the aisles. With Geolocation, save time on picking tasks as the store staff will have an optimized path to pick the products for your customers.

Link. Link products to labels

Link labels and products together through the portable device of your choice. This module enables you to link products to the labels and to retrieve all the product information in Jeegy S.

Jeegy S Link is the module you need to associate labels with products. A label can be linked to one or more products.

Link can be used by scanning barcodes, tapping in NFC labels on different handheld devices such as the store PDA, iOS and Android devices, or through a web browser.

Monitoring. Know more about your system operations

Connect Jeegy S and your monitoring software automatically. This module enables you to visualize the data gathered by Jeegy S in your monitoring software, such as label updates or recent activities of devices. Jeegy S Monitoring enables you to cross-reference information between your monitoring software and Jeegy S.

Using universal communications protocols, Monitoring acts as a supervising agent between Jeegy S and your monitoring software. Once activated, the information from the software, the labels and in-store devices is made available to your monitoring solution.

Store Traffic. Analyze visits in real time

Store Analytics lets the store manager know in real time how many visitors have entered the store with a simple glimpse at his smartphone. On the consolidated view, the marketing department can monitor total store traffic.

Through different views, you can access store data such as real-time traffic, the length of visits, the number of new visitors compared to regular shoppers, and also distinguish street traffic from store footfall.

Shopper Connectivity. Connect shoppers at the shelf

All the digital product information is now available in-store effortlessly. Shoppers can access it on their smartphones, while the store owner can follow their behaviors and the areas of interest.

Thanks to connected labels (NFC, QR Codes) and a dedicated web-based search box, smartphone users can now access customer reviews and detailed product information the way they wish.

On a personal web app, shoppers will in addition have access to their store visits history, to special offers, new products and other new services.

Shopper Activity. Understand in-store shopper behavior

90% of the customer activity happens in-store and thanks to Shopper Activity their individual behaviors can be analyzed and used for marketing purposes.

Shopper Activity records automatically all visits and browsed products for each profile. Collecting the information about the shopper enables targeted customer relationship management. Profiles can be directly imported into major customer centric tools of the market such as SAP CAR, Google Universal Analytics, Salesforce 360 View, Oracle Marketo, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and others.



Jeegy S is more than just a software platform used to drive a wide range of digital, dynamic and interactive displays. Jeegy S is the cornerstone of the SES-imagotag solution. It is linked to our MultiCom infrastructure and offers much more than managing price changes, special offers, product geolocation service and NFC shopping. Taking a holistic approach, this platform is not simply confined to in-store price management and synchronization. Rather, it makes it possible to use all available data sources which carry meaning for our customers, with a view to helping them increase their sales, lower their costs and better secure the loyalty of their own shoppers.. Depending on how it is configured, Jeegy S operationalizes the use of data related to product locations, purchase history, customer loyalty, stock levels and conversion rates, etc. In other words, it puts as much information as possible that can be used to refine pricing and marketing strategies at the retailer’s fingertips.